Friday, October 25, 2013

Years Gone By

It has been 3 years....3 YEARS since I posted last...crazy, crazy, crazy how fast time goes.  
We have since moved back to Utah, have new jobs, a new home, and are now finally feeling like we are fitting back in with life.  It has been a nutso last few years, and I am going to try to be better and blogging to keep these memories captured somewhere.

Rylan is now in 6th Grade, last grade left of Elementary school.  Addie is now in 3rd grade, they both are doing such an amazing job at school.  We are very proud of them and all they accomplish!

So much has gone by, it is hard to remember it all.  We are doing great and are happy with where we are in life.
These Pictures were taken in the fall of 2011 
Really Captures our family ha ha 
True love 

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I AM ALMOST 26 years old...where did the time go? Guess what else?? I am going to have a 9 year old in a few months...and a 6 year old in 6 months..and I will be married 10 9 months...HOLY COW!

Friday, July 23, 2010

A little time

Dear anyone who reads this still....

My children are leaving us for a little time with their family in Utah...

Giving Wes and I a little time to be just Wes and I..

A little time, I am not used to....a little time I am terrified of...

Please let this little time go by quickly, so I may have our children home.

This little time will not be enough time for our families to enjoy them

This little time will not be enough for them at all, but the little time they have with them, will be a little time in their memories for a life time!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July

How sad is it that we are doing nothing for the fourth? Wow....what a day.....Happy Fourth everyone!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April already?

Okay so when did this happen?
Rylan is almost through with 2nd grade, and he is doing fantastic. He was diagnosed with ADHD and has been treated and he is DOING SO MUCH BETTER! He loves cursive, and math and science...and READING..he LOVES LOVES LOVES reading.
Addie is our glue that keeps us together...strong, and happy. She always wants us to be happy and laughing, and feeling good. I LOVE that about her. She is almost done in Pre-k and will be ready for kindergarten...KINDERGARTEN??? WHAT? Crazy stuff man! She is getting too big.
Me, I am doing fine. I started the HCG diet on March 22 of this year, and so far as of today I have lost 10.6 lbs. I still love my job and have almost been there for a year now! It is alot of fun and right now I am going through training to open accounts and do loans ect. It is alot of stuff, but I am excited for the challenge.
Wesley is almost done with his training, in about 2 weeks he will be on his own with his own police car...HE LOVES IT! He comes home every single day beaming, and LOVES that he is putting away the bad guys. (So do I) keeps our kids safer, and i like that.
All in all things are going well, we are never home and always busy. Next week we are going to take a mini vacation to Six Flags San Antonio, we cannot WAIT!! Hope everyone is doing well, and knows we miss them and love them!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


It has been quite some time since i have written anything, I work all the time so I have no time to blog. Wes is doing very well being a police man and Rylan and Addie are both doing super fantastic! I love my job and life is great..Rylan will be 8 in a week or two, so I will be posting for his b-day...okay bye.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Pooper scoopers

Darth Vader!
Halloween 2009

Our butterfly fairy

Me relaxing on the comfy recliner

I think it is tradition every few years, and those in my family can testify to it, that Octobers can be HORRIBLE for me. One October I was in 4th grade, my step grandfather had a heart attack, my sister was in a horrible car accident rolling down Farmington canyon...being okay luckily. A week later I messed my knee up very badly at school needing a years worth of physical therapy..and then my brother had some time he needed to serve..don't know why..he just did.

this October...I was Audited a couple of times at work...because of forgetfulness and not being careful enough, I guess? I am ALWAYS VERY VERY CAUTIOUS with the money, we work with a lot of it, and I AM NOT lax about it at all!!! The kids and I and now Wes have a stupid cough that will not go swine here. THANK GOODNESS!! I TURNED 25 this month as well, hard HARD year for me for some reason. BUT IT WAAS THE MOST AMAZING birthday ever! My work put a lot of thought and attention to me and it made me feel very loved and great. I have a wonderful place to work!!!! I love my co-workers more than I could ever imagine I would. My husband was FINALLY home for my birthday after 3 years of not being home! There were alot of Uggg moments this October but many great moments to split up the stress. We had a great Halloween this year, and had friends to spend it with, which was awesome! Oh and on my birthday Wes and I went on a date...FANTASTIC!!! The kids are doing well, Rylan has had some HORRIFIC moments at school this year that made me furious and dissapointed and sad and everything you could imagine. BUT his grades are coming up and he is doing MUCH better! It is amazing thing kind of things the expect out of these 2nd graders. They are definately much smarter than those in utah...sorry no offense...I just don't think the teachers realize how much kids can do at that age, theya re pushing these kids down here to their limits...and they aer reaching them with flying colors! I wish they would do the same up there..

Wes is almost done with the academy about 6 more weeks. His parents are going to be here to come see him graduate!! I canot wait to see my mommy in law!! Here are some pictures from the recent weeks. Love and miss you all!!!